Negative and positive gearing

Negative and positive gearing are very popular topics, especially when we talk about residential investment. Generally speaking, if your investment is negatively geared, then from a finance perspective you’ve likely made a poor investment decision. It’s only from a tax perspective that you may actually derive some benefits. However it’s very important to understand that […]


Leverage is the reason this not-so-humble smashed avo enthusiast returned just shy of 200% last financial year yet still didn’t come anywhere close to the real dollar return made by any risk-averse property investor during any single boom year period. I invest with my own capital. Given I’m a lazy, instant gratification-seeking, instagram influencing (okay this part’s […]

The good, the bad and the subprime

Debt finances the construction of mega-structures, innovation, many unnecessary wars, and the rapidly-cooling latte of this not-so-humble smashed avo enthusiast. Debt in its traditional sense is often shunned by millennials. We no longer have faith in our financial institutions. We’re no longer naive enough to believe the narrative that banks are acting in our best […]