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TL;DR version* – gang, this is actually very serious. Please don’t act on anything you might read on the website. It’s quite obvious the articles are for your learning only and there are no recommendations made as to anything really. I’m just trying to help people pursue their smashed avo ambitions guilt-free.

* Without limiting anything in the non-TL;DR version immediately preceding the TL;DR version.

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TL;DR version* – I invest a fairly significant amount of time into researching and preparing the content you’ll find on the site. Please feel free to view, share or print pages from (tbh strong preference you don’t print because trees) the website and any content you like for your own personal use. Profiting from it is probably a bit uncool. Please don’t be uncool.

* Without limiting anything in the non-TL;DR version immediately preceding the TL;DR version.