Home equity

What is equity? How much equity should I have in my home or investment property? How does equity fluctuate? What does ‘negative equity’ mean and could it affect me? Strap in for answers to all the questions you never asked. What is equity? Say you own a 100sqm rusty tin shed with no ceiling in […]


The average pair of birkenstocks retails at around $120 (I think). Let me forward a value proposition. You could go all out on a pair of sandals so aesthetically offensive they inspired a not-so-humble smashed avo enthusiast to start a blog. You could roam around the inner-western suburbs of Sydney wielding a $7 crappuccino and […]

Economics 102

So this is the way the rise of the birks-strutting, semi-insta-famous, latte-sipping, avocado-obsessed millennial ends, not with a boomer, but with bat consumption and authoritarian whistleblower-silencing. Considering we’re teetering on the footsteps of a global recession, it seems fitting to write another all-things-economics article. Recession In Economics 101 we talked about GDP and when you […]